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This webpage concerns the 2008-2017 activities within the Vinnova Industry Excellence Center LINK-SIC, and has been saved only for reference. For information about the current Vinnova Competence Center LINK-SIC, please visit https://liu.se/en/research/link-sic

Welcome to LINK-SIC

LINK-SIC - Linköping Center for Sensor Informatics and Control - is a Vinnova Industry Excellence Center for industry-academia cooperation in the general area of control systems and signal processing. The goal is to have long-term coalitions for sustained cooperation in areas vital for Swedish system-building industry. In particular this aims for developing future control and sensor informatics strategies for industrial robots, aerial vehicles, marine vessels, and automotive applications.

LINK-SIC has five industrial partners divided into three nodes:

Aerial Vehicles and Marine Vessels

Automotive Systems

Important research areas are design of sensor systems, supervision and diagnosis, autonomous capabilities, and advanced control based on new complex models. For the industrial partners this is about meeting increasing demands on safety, cost
efficiency, and performance.

The core research competence is based on the research area Control Systems at Linköping University. This area consists of the three research groups:

News and Events

  • LINK-SIC Annual Workshop 2017 will be held 6-7 November at Linköping University, Campus Valla, Linköping.
    More info.
  • LINK-SIC Annual Workshop 2016 was held 7 November at Linköping University, Campus Valla, Linköping. More info.
  • LINK-SIC Annual Workshop 2015 was held 9-10th of November in Leuven, Belgium. More info.
  • André Carvalho Bittencourt (PhD) research on friction and wear diagnostics of industrial robots is mentioned in Ny Teknik
  • LINK-SIC Annual Workshop 2014 was held 10-11th of November at Scania in Södertälje. More info.
  • Unmanned and Remotely Operated - On July 3, 2014, LINK-SIC's chairman Gunnar Holmberg, Saab, and Johan Bergenäs, Stimson Center and Linköping University, participated in a debate in Almedalen about the use of UAV's in society. Movie (in Swedish).

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